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Regeneration and relaxation for body & soul

In our 88 square meters wellness area you will find a Finnish sauna and an infrared chamber. The ample room invites you to lie down, relax, and sooth your soul.

In the Saunarium (approx. 60 degrees Celsius, 55% humidity) you can replenish your immune system and relax your respiratory system, breathing in the fumes from the automatic infusions.

Saunas as well as other forms of hot-air baths have a long tradition. The overheating of the body with subsequent sweating purifies the 
body from the inside, at the same time invigorating the immune system and the body defenses.

Experience these healing powers in our Finnish sauna at about 85 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy the soothing experience realized through the combination of the infrared chamber, and color and music therapy.

The slow but steady increase of body temperature helps to heal and relax.

At our Vitality table you can power up for your next sauna experience with fruit juices and fresh water.