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Rooms according to Feng Shui and breathtaking view

Simply feel good!
The rooms are arranged according to the Chinese concept of Feng Shui. The aim of Feng Shui is the harmonic connection of humans and their surroundings, which can be influenced positively though the arrangement and design of living spaces.
Our rooms mirror this idea and additionally the floors and textiles were carefully selected to be antiallergical.
Relax and daydream in our modern Feng Shui rooms, lovingly arranged and furnished according to highest quality.

All of our guestrooms are furnished with sofa beds in case an extra bed is needed.

Send us your booking request for one of our Feng Shui rooms and experience modern living standards of the highest quality in the Apart Garni Monte Vera.

Room Rendl (24 m²)

Room Galzig (23 m²)

Room Valluga (21 m²)

Room Gampen (25 m²)

Room Kapall (25 m²)